Our 4 post HMS stand is one of our more popular stands with clients that require a stable multi pillar fillable stand.Though the HMS is widely preferred by audiophiles who want an alternative to lossy stands for their Harbeths,ATC’s,Spendors,Quads and Epos’, it can pretty much be used with any speaker that works well with a multipost wood based stand.

The base plate and top plate are built using our proprietary timbers that have excellent tonal textures together with superior damping characteristics. They can either be finished to show the wood grain or can be finished in a matt black paint.

For the columns/4 posts the client has an option to choose between sand fillable aluminium extrusions or our solid timber posts

Bottom plate is generally 12*14 inches in size and 1 inch thick and feature die cast threaded inserts to accept floor spikes for levelling and isolation. Stock Stand height is 26 inches. Silicon gel isolation pads are provided for the top plate for speaker coupling 

The signature of these stands is unique due to the use of woods and aluminium.Clients and reported a lush warm and wholesome sound.

Please note: Due to the various options this stand must be ordered as a custom stand and the ETA after order placement varies between 2 weeks to 3 weeks