The SoundFoundations “Alpha ” series of Hifi Av racks feature a modular design which allow the user to customize the rack as he wishes. One may purchase a fully built up design featuring our proprietary unbreakable and incredibly neutral Plexi Acrylic shelving or alternatively a wood laminated option .The user can also opt for a DIY option to build a rack by procuring his own shelving material may it be glass or wood .
Shelf Thickness upto 19mm is accommodated on custom designs. All alpha iterations have a high-quality construction with heavy-gauge tubular steel supports to provide incredible strength and rigidity to match AV equipment of most sizes
An open architecture maximizes airflow in this Rack
The Alpha series has 3 major iterations

  • The Alpha MK2 reference
  • The Classic Alpha
  • The Alpha Lite

Alpha MK2 reference series

This is a reference iteration of the Alpha rack appreciated by the serious enthusiast. Fully modular and “stackable” as you choose,each level/shelf has individual spike sets for enhanced isolation between modules .Whats more; its fully custom. The “stacking” option allows the user great flexibility to use this rack in multpile combinations depending on his gear at any point of time

The rack features an Aerograde Stainless steel support network, 10mm plexi for shelving,and full sized ( dia 30 at the base and dia 18 between modules ) CNC machined double contoured spikes and receptors.
Like the “Classic” alpha the MK2 also features neoprene damping washers for fittament between shelving to damp those pesky resonances and vibrations.
Spike feet to protect your floors are standard when you order this rack.

Until now, a four shelf hi-fi rack with individually isolated shelves would have cost a substantial amount of money. But not anymore! Each shelf, including the base shelf has its own set of dynamically balanced spikes and counter spikes for ideal mechanical isolation. Isolating each shelf has two main positive effects. Firstly, vibrations from, for example, an amplifier, won’t be transmitted to more sensitive hi-fi components. Equally, vibrations from other sources within the room such as footfall, speakers, fish tank pumps and so on, will be suppressed, too.
With vibrations successfully suppressed, you’ll benefit from superior sound. Subtle detail comes to the fore and the bass sounds tighter and more focused. If you have a non-sprung turntable you should also find it more immune to mist racking caused by heavy footfall in the room.
Finished in smart black with black shelves, the alphaMK 2 is the ideal match for most hi-fi separates. With four shelves, of differing heights, it’s also flexible enough to accept many system variations.

The standard shelf is a rectangle with beveled edges of size 24inch wide and 20 inch deep

The rack can be ordered with multiple modules (ranging from 2 nos to 4nos) and clients may choose module heights as per their requirements.

Additionally it can be ordered in a 3 column or 4 column arrangements. The former is far easier to level whereas the latter is suited for racks that need to house AV gear with higher depths (i.e more than 13 inch )