Delta Series

The classic lines and contemporary design of this rack makes it an easy choice for those on a budget.
Not only does this rack have a small footprint , it also offfers endless shelving options and most importantly allows height adjust between shelves making it priceless for users who would like to change equipment.

The steel framework is finished in a premium Matt black textured powder coat finish and the legs are finished with height adjustable spikes to aid in leveling and isolation .the topmost shelf simply rests on the topmost frame however silicon gel pads are provided to isolate the top most shelf from the framework

The rack may be ordered in custom heights, however the tallest height is limited to 42 inches.(which normally accommodates 5 shelves)
The rack may also be ordered sans shelving, allowing the user to procure his or her choice of shelf material.

The standard shelf options availble are 19mm thick MDF with wood laminate, however requests for maple wood can also be accommodated

Default stock  rack is a 4 shelf rack with 19mm (3/4th inch ) thick wood shelving with Laminate.Rack Height is 33 inches.

  • Height adjustable shelving
  • Rigid one piece steel framework
  • Stainless steel isolating spikes
  • Isolated shelf design