Grande Utopia

Made initially to match the Utopia series speakers from Focal this stand is also widely used by clients who prefer a no compromise solution to speaker supports.

The slightly tilted profile offers a modern dynamic shape which inherently breaks standing waves and reflections.

The Central column is a robust 3inch by 6 inch aluminium extrusion through which the cable management system neatly conceals the speaker cable as it is routed through the central column. The durable aluminium construction is extremely torsion resistant and stable.

For additional damping and mass the post can be filled with sand or similar material.

We supply our proprietary attabites (silica chips) on request when needed.

The 2 inch thick stealth base is built from a composite of wood and silicon over a cast iron steel framework or maximum stability and support. It is then finished with a high quality lacquer in High gloss Black or white which ideally complements any interiors

The Spikes are level/height adjustable to achieve a perfect foundation for the loudspeaker even on unlevelled floors. Each spike is adjusted from the bottom. By fastening the corresponding SS lock nut the position is locked.

Silicon gel pads are provided for coupling the speaker to the top plate so as to provide an antiskid surface as well as resonance damping

This is the perfect choice as a foundation for any high-performance compact loudspeaker, providing a high degree of resonance-damping and perfectly rigid construction