Banana Plugs/Connectors-SFB 10

These top end Banana Plugs/Connectors are based on the WBT 0600 design. Turned from a Solid Copper block these gold plated robust connectors offer the purist signal delivery. The knurled sleeve features a polished ruthenium finish with a color band to for channel differentiation. The plug is designed with an expanding inner spike that ensures a solid mechanical fit in turn offering high contact pressure. This results in 0 signal loss. Termination is done using unique dual mechanical M3 screws for a secure crimp connection as well as cable strain relief.

The most important feature of this connector that makes it unique and places it leagues ahead of the competition is the method in which the speaker cable is crimped, covered and sealed

Once crimping is done the ruthenium polished sleeve tightens over the body simultaneously activating the expanding spike. This also ensures that the Copper from the speaker cable is sealed off from the atmosphere thus preventing its degradation over time. It is precisely this feature that allows for the purist signal passage over time.

Wires upto 8AWG or 10mm² are accepted by the connector

Please Note: This is a serious connector and not to be mistaken for local plugs


  • Gold plated Cu connectors
  • Unique Expanding spike lockable design
  • Collar with polished black ruthenium
  • Wires Upto 9mm
  • Independent screws for tightening jacket as well as signal wire