Sigma Timber Racks

For those who love nothing better than the texture and tone of all all wood support system.the sigma as you can guess is a complete custom ordered rack for which we commmison a team of professional carpenters and polishers on your behalf.

The rack features 2by4 Brazilian teak support columns and maple wood shelves . Each polished and melamined to its natural color to provide a contrasting two tone finish.
Slotting and slicing are done on a cnc for accurate level and cuts.

The 1 inch thick maple shelving is a joint free one piece plank of wood and the columns are finished with stainless steel isolating spikes that help you level the rack on those tricky floors

General footprint of the rack is 24 inches by 18 inches

Standard height 36 inches

Please note : Standard rack is 33inches tall has 4 shelves ( Picture shows a custom rack with 5 )