One of our most popular offerings, the aura is the younger sibling of the famed Nemesis. It features unique 8mm thick lazer cut steel base plate to match the curvature of most contemporary speakers today. The heavy gauge base plate and its shape is engineered for stable and sturdy support and is recommended for those with kids at home.

This serious speaker stand also sports the first of its kind “cast iron” central column(All black version only) as opposed to the tubular construction of budget stands .This type of construction makes the columns “ring free” and hence increases focus and accuracy and is a superb drain for vibrations and is not required

The large, energy-absorbing steel central pillar supports a heavy gauge 5mm thick 7*9-inch top plate with neoprene speaker isolation pads for superior acoustic coupling. Stainless Steel carpet spikes add stability, grip and the ability to level on uneven floors. The spikes used in this stand are serious CNC turned isolators (please refer Isospikes Type 1 – in our isolation and vibration control section)

The Aura also has a Stainless finished iteration which features a two tone color scheme. This is known as the Aura SS.

Both iterations are sand fillable for mass damping and both feature nifty wire mgt .

The sleek, contemporary look of the Aura Series stands complements modern speakers while providing the superior performance demanded by audio enthusiasts.

Note: Please be weary of counterfeit designs who advertise “cast iron” columns.

We have been alerted of at least of 1 such Mumbai based trader whose claims are unfortunately completely false and unfortunately only marketing jargon.
A cast iron columned stand cannot weigh less than 20kgs