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Sound Foundations is the premier custom shop for audio accessories. We design and manufacture speaker stands, audio racks and accessories – both of our own proprietary designs, as well as in collaboration with our customers. In these pages you will find a selection of our readily available, high-performance products. However if you have specific requirements do contact us and we will work together with you to realize your dream.
We hope you get as much pleasure out of choosing and using our products, as we did while creating them!

Our new Introductions

  • These top end Banana Plugs/Connectors are based on the WBT 0600 design. Turned from a Solid Copper block these gold plated robust connectors offer the purist signal delivery. The plug is designed with an expanding inner spike that ensures a solid mechanical fit in turn offering high contact pressure. This results in 0 signal loss
  • The univeral RSR is intended to reduce resonance in the vinyl surface and to couple the record firmly to the platter. This is achieved by the use of a clamp in the centre of the record as well as the RSR at the periphery of the record
  • A one stop solution to isolating your bookshelves and electronics.The Isoball lends a nice roundness and density to the bass and midrange. It generally leaves the top end intact, and does a little to add focus and improve microdetail.
  • Our Top End isolation devices like the Isopod and Isobase bring about immediate focus and solidity with an improvement in transient attack and decay. Besides tightening up the bass, the midrange notably gets clearer and fuller with higher frequencies getting neater, cleaner and more extended.

Client Experience

The quality of Soundfoundations products is very good. Besides impeccable fit and finish, they perform their intended functions very well. I have experimented with and & replaced reputed international products with SF and the performance is at par if not better than the outgoing units. Be it stands, isolators or power distribution, the attention to detail brings out the best in good equipment. My gear sounds much better when partnered with SF!

I have used SF to build audio furniture and loudspeaker/amplifier enclosures, apart from some of the oddest requests for custom work that have ever been thought of. I enjoy working with the team to find solutions to extraordinary problems, and the final solutions are almost always path-breakingly innovative. The combination of meticulous engineering, exuberant enthusiasm and aesthetic appeal is quite extraordinary and unmatched in the country. May the SF tribe grow!

I needed a quality stand to organise my stereo chain. The quality of DIY products was not to my taste and the branded products did not look a lot better, but cost a lot more. SoundFoundations helped me select a rack after careful evaulation of my needs, and I am very happy with the final choice. The rack looks great, and everybody asks me where I bought it. You know, because you’re here!

I have bought many products from soundfoundations, rack components, speaker stands, equipment feet, power distributors etc. I was more than satisfied every single time, both by the quality of the products and pricing. In fact I was sufficiently satisfied to recommend them to my friends who in turn are repeat customers as well. If you are looking for accessories for your A/V system, soundfoundations is an easy recommendation

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