Beta Series MK2

This rack was primarily designed for stealth and aesthetics & looks fantastic when loaded with equipment. The rack uses a combination of two principles; the 3 point cantilever (remember your physics) and a 3 point support. The idea here was a minimalistic look (i.e. once the equipment is loaded – you can’t see the rack) It’s as if the equipment is suspended with no visible columns as in conventional racks.

The centre stage here is the equipment and not the rack. Hence the shelves are made smaller in dimension than the size of the equipment (just enough to accommodate the feet).

Another feature here is that the shelf height is adjustable since the brackets slide and lock along the central column in any desired position. The same rack can therefore be used for all upgrades/changes in electronics irrespective of the equipment height. Shelving can be of any material as desired by the user ranging from glass to acrylic to compact laminate (much better than solid teak or MDF IMO)

Pics Below show one rack using 6mm toughened glass shelving and one rack with 19mm thick granite.

Here unlike the type 1 rack there are no holes to be cut in shelves etc.Just get a sheet of glass/acrylic/granite and place it onto the 3 point cantilever brackets and your good to go. The larger rack below (the one with granite shelving) has a huge base so as to accommodate a monster power amp (a 53 kg Classe).

Due to the principle of cantilever this rack is limited to having shelving for only 4 electronic equipments and reviews state that it is NOT suited for Turntables which require constant manual operation.Recommnded use is to have a power amp at the base a pre amp above it followed by a CDP.

It is recommended that the top most shelf be reserved for lighter equipment that is not operated manually (e.g. set top boxes and DVDP,s or DAc’s) – though the shelf has been tested at 30kgs.

The picture shows a 130 Lbs (60kgs) classe Power amp at the base an Acousitc Research premap and a Q sonix music management system on the top shelves.

The entire framework rests on 4 Stainless Steel Spikes which isolate the rack as a whole. Furthermore each shelf rests on a 3 independent adjustable spikes which help in isolating each electronic component individually.

Recommended Shelving
Base: 22*18: Granite is recommended but any of the materials below would work too
Shelves other than Base (18*16)
12mm Plexi-black or smoked finish
8mm toughened Glass-Black or smoked finish
9mm Hardwood laminate