Cera Pod

One of our top end isolation devices.

The Isopod brings about immediate focus and solidity with an improvement in transient attack and decay. Besides tightening up the bass, the midrange notably gets clearer and fuller with higher frequencies getting neater, cleaner and more extended.

It utilizes a precision machined ceramic ball in an aluminum alloy cage. A special polymer o ring holds the assembly in place & damps vibrations.

The assembly can simply be placed under the existing feet of your equipment or may also be used directly under the chassis of your equipment thus by-passing the stock feet, which, many a time are simply ordinary isolators that tend to overdamp causing an energy loss.
In addition to the above the Foundations isopod comes with a screw on function allowing it to altogether replace the stock feet of your equipment.M8 and M6 threads can be accommodated.

Suggested applications: (5kgs-40kgs) .Source equipment, preamplifiers, Integrated SS/tube Amps, power Amplifiers and Speakers.

Be it your turntable or your reference CDP the isopod is guaranteed to give you the most accurate, detailed and dynamic imaging. Use it under your Preamps and hear a new level of depth and sound staging.

This is also a perfect isolation tool for standmount speakers. Having both surfaces flat it leaves no dents/marks on the speaker base which inverted spikes would. No sticking means no glue marks on your speaker base.
It becomes a must have for audiophiles who require that extra isolation for their standmounts.

Our clients Schwinn audio rates our isopods over the famed “Stillpoints” that they have tried.

It is by far one of the most indispensible sound tuning accessories one can buy.