SoundFoundations Spikes

Spikes are one of the most economical and best methods of isolating audio equipment from the surroundings.

Here’s the physics:

Electrical currents in analogue equipment and speaker cabinets create unwanted micro vibrations inside them. Apart from these, the driver of each speaker dissipates energy in the form of vibrations that are also carried to the cabinet walls causing ringing. These internal vibrations are infact the bad actors polluting the music signal. Hence standard isolating devices like springs, rubber feet, sand, magnetic suspensions, or air bladders don’t help. These products trap the vibrations inside the component instead of draining them, exacerbating muddying of the signals, especially in the bass frequencies.(known as bass bloom)

By design, spikes do the opposite. Rigid and massive, they lock the component to the shelf below using single-point contact. The spike infact acts like a “diode” (i.e allows or drains vibrations from your equipment to the rack but does not allow vibrations from the rack to reach the equipment). It transmits waves and vibrations only downwards through the point and perpendicular to the equipment Thus becoming the most efficient way of isolating.

Experiments also show that the wrong footer material (or too little mass, or the wrong shape) can reflect distorted vibrations back into the equipment. That’s why improperly designed footers can yield sound that is dulled and lifeless or piercing and shrill.

Brass and Stainless Steel Alloys are by far the best: much more dynamic, vibrantly warm and more detailed.

We normally offer unattached spikes in sets of 3. Using four unattached footers requires leveling of one to compensate for the inevitable slight unevenness of the surface below. Using three requires no compensation and there’s no sonic advantage to using four. In case of very narrow tower speakers though, we recommend four only to add stability.

By correct utilization of a spike one is sure to dramatically improve clarity, stereo imaging and tighten up the bass response.

Music will sound strikingly more live and more gripping. Bass sounds deeper and more articulated,. Drums are crisper; cymbals sound brassier and ring more brilliantly.

Spikes are particularly effective on Hollow furniture racks and cabinets, and flooring with thick carpets and hence are a “must have”

Soundcare Solid Brass Spikes

We are proud to offer these solid-brass cones. These high quality isolators are CNC TURNED and hand buffed to a mirror polish to look and feel like fine jewelry. They really do wonders to the appearance of you speakers and yes, they are perfect for use with high-end audio equipment. Whether it’s a speaker a DAC or a preamplifier, the improvement in audio quality is very noticeable. A dramatic improvement in clarity, stereo imaging and bass response is immediately heard. These attractive spikes are precision machined from solid brass and then lacquered with a durable finish.

Suggested Uses : Under DAC’s,PreAmps,and TT’s

(use under TT’s and DAC’s have been extensively tested and proven to give superb results in tighter accurate bass and quicker transients with live vocals)

The cones can either be stuck on to the chassis of your equipment or can be screwed on using the M8 mounting screw and T nut that is provided. Fine level adjustment is also possible with the use of a marine grade stainless steel Knurled Lock nut which are optional.

Product Features

  • Solid Brass isolation ensures dynamic warm and detailed playback
  • Ships with M8 SS threaded studs and locknut with female T nut
  • Suggested Uses : Under DAC’s,CDPs,PreAmps,and TT’s and Loudspeakers
  • Dia 30mm height 22mm