Centre Speaker Stand

One of our best centre channel supports, this stand features twin oval aluminum extruded columns that raise the center speaker to the correct listening height.

Though the top plate is flat ,a 15 degree rake angle is provided by use of wedge buffers so that the stand it low enough to be accommodated under the TV but still allows the speaker to fire upwards correctly to the listener

Base plate is lazer cut from steel whereas the top plate is manufactured using unbreakable plexi glass or aluminium with various finish options. The Stock option has a black matt base plate with black columns.However a two tone stand can also be requested for a small increment 

Height adjustable spikes are provided for those unleveled floors

Height is generally 18 inches unless otherwise requested ( maximum being 20 )

Most centre speakers are approx 6 inches in height

Most Televeisons and projector screen start at 25-30 inches from the floor

Hence we recommend 16-20 inch stands . Especially sincethe speakers are angled upward when you use the provided wedges