(Polymer / Compressed Sorbothene)

Each IsoPOD is individually moulded with our proprietary blend of platinum-cure silicones that have been formulated for maximum micro-vibration absorption.

As an effective isolator it delivers a full-bodied quick, highly articulate result with amazing linear extension. Works equally well with solid-state and tube components. Does not “ooze,” mar, or discolor surfaces.

Vibrations produced by items like turntable motors, transformers in other electrical or electronic devices travel to the platter and causes unwanted vibrations that smear the audio signal.

Micro-vibrations induced in equipment cabinets smear and distort the audio signal. A smeared signal loses its precise attack, robs it of three dimensionality, homogenises voices and instruments – qualities you work so hard to achieve in your audio system.

Our visco-elastic footer helps to drain off these tiny but harmful vibes from your gear and also helps to isolate your gears from vibrations emanating or transmitted from your equipment support.

Alternative uses

Alternative uses

  • IsoPOds under non-suspended turntables decreases the probability of problems with acoustic feedback.
  • Between your electronics and your shelf to eliminate vibrations that produce distorted signals which add fuzz, glare and sibilance to the music signal
  • As an interface between a bookshelf speaker and the top of your cabinet/stand OR between a loudspeaker cabinet and a damping weight. (A polished granite slab, sandstone, paving block, ceramic tile, or other material placed on top of a loudspeaker cabinet or subwoofer can help to stabilize cabinet vibrations.) Using “IsoPOD” as an interface makes these materials even more effective and at the same time eliminates any sonic character the material might introduce.
  • Also great under vibration-control platforms and other general decoupling applications where a semi-firm interface is desired.

Two Versions are available

80 Duro – Firmer compound for a heavier equipment – Power amplifiers,Tubed amplification, Heavy integrated amps, floorstanders and turntables

65 Duro – light and medium heavy equipment – source equipment like DVD players CD players, pre amplification, integrated amplifiers DAC’s and bookshelf speakers


Place a set of 4 pieces one in each corner about an inch from the edges

You can also place 6 as shown in figure for a sandwich construction


Place a set of 3 pieces ( in the form of an equilateral triangle below your equipment if you have levelling issues due to inaccuracies in your floor/shelf