Infinity Speaker Mount

One of our most eagerly awaited and requested in house productions.

The Soundfoundations Infinity speaker mount exemplifies how a true reference monitor wall mount must be designed and executed.

We pulled out all the stops while designing this mount and we can proudly state that one will rarely find a speaker mount better than this.One of the few mounts internationally available that allow you to load your standmounts without having to drill holes into your precious speaker or permanently screwing them onto a hideous rotating plate (in effect, damaging your speaker back )

Being the only mount in the world (as far as we know) that is made from FORGED aluminium (as opposed to castings and welded fabrications) it offers movement about all 3 axis of rotation. In addition to the above, the extension arm itself also swivels for proper toe in. The arm allows a regular 12 inch deep speaker to be mounted leaving 4 inches from the rear wall, thus being useful for even rear ported applications.

With a load bearing capacity upto 12kgs! and accommodating medium bookshelves having keyhole mounting or screw mounting arrangement at the rear, this mount truly has no competition. The infinity is highly recommended for studio applications for higher end monitors where accurate positioning is required coupled with supreme support. Home users who do not have the space for a stand may very well have this as an ideal alternative.

The rear plate of this mount has to be custom made according to your speaker

Hence it is not available off the shelf and must be ordered

  • Suitable for all standmounts
  • Heavy Forged aluminium construction with multiple isoaltion
  • No use of screws and hence universally applicable
  • Weight bearing Cap 12kgs/speaker
  • Rotations about all axis for precise positioning and toe in