Monitor Golds

Our reference stands with an all aluminium construction for an extremely inert mount offering an absolutely neutral signature with no coloration in tone & texture.

This stand features a state of the art ring free aluminium die cast base plate that is 1.5 inches thick and has a specially calculated footprint for maximum stability making it almost child and maid proof ( difficult to knock down). The cast base allows for spikes to be inset within the base which help in minimising ground clearance, lowering the CG and giving the stand a touch of class
The Spikes are level/height adjustable to achieve a perfect foundation for the loudspeaker even on unlevelled floors. Each spike is adjusted from the top using the supplied Allen key. By fastening the corresponding SS cap the position is locked.

The Central column is a robust 3inch by 6 inch aluminium extrusion which is extremely torsion resistant and stable.

For additional damping and mass the post can be filled with sand or similar material.
We supply our proprietary attatbites (silica chips) on request when needed.

Silicon gel pads are provided for coupling the speaker to the top plate so as to provide an antiskid surface as well as resonance damping
Available in two finishes – All black and Two tone (Black sand blasted base with Matt Dupont Silver columns) this stand goes well with all surroundings.

This stand features a Special 3 tier sandwich top plate with composite silicon damping.

Again since this is a serious stand – we do not provide or recommend cable Mgt.

These are factory filled with our proprietary attatbites