Onyx Speaker Stand

One of the new series of stands from Soundfoundations, the Onyx replaces the Opal as our budget friendly stands offering exceptional value and a must have for audiophiles who have started out their journey.

The simple yet classic design consists of a 4.0mm thick accurate lazer cut base plate that supports a customized aluminum extrusion which forms the central pillar for this stand which can be sand filled by the user to gain extra weight.

The top plate (speaker supporting plate) is screwed onto this column. The central column is a unique and has been specially developed for speaker stands, it has been cross braced and offers cable management as well. The material chosen is 4mm thick aluminum which provides a more neutral tone to still and also breaks the vibrations frequency of the stand as a whole.

The stand also is supplied with Stainless steel spikes for isolation in addition to silicon gel pads that are to be stuck on the top plate. These gel pads isolate the speaker from the top plate and also provide an antiskid surface. These are optional to use and we advice users to use blue tack in case they have pets or children.

Assembly is extremely simple requiring nothing but a screwdriver.

Specifications and Features
  1. Size of base plate ( bottom ) – W 10.5 “ * D 12.5 “
  2. Size of speaker support plate ( top ) – W 8.0 “ * D 10.5”
  3. Height of stand – 26”
  4. Weight Unfilled – 15 kg
  5. Supports wire Management
  6. Color – Sand blasted Matt Black ( Gloss White Custom Order Only for Extra Cost )
  7. Suitable for speakers weighing upto 30Kgs per pair
You tube video assembly and Usage tips

Note: Please do know that our products are well engineered and never a shot in the dark.As compared to most other brands we engineer our stands with thicker baseplates and thicker central columns keeping in mind the discerning Indian customer base and also to reduce resonances Please rest assured that in general weight of the stand has nothing to do with the weight of the speaker. As an example consider that an 80 kgs individual can still sit on a plastic bar stool weighing a fraction of his weight if the stool is well engineered

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