Harbeth Spendor ATC

SoundFoundations now enters an elite club of a handful who design and manufacture “lossy” stands for speakers such as Harbeths,ATC,Spendors etc Speakers like the ones mentioned above require special stands of a “boxy” design that allow the speaker to resonate rather than conventional pillared stands that couple or isolate speakers. The design must be “open framed” to dissipate vibrations effectively. Also, unlike conventional deign. These stands use a concept of being “lossy” in nature and hence are required to be light yet rigid.

Most of our international competition uses a very plain box design manufactured by simply welding together square pipes/tubes. We, however have gone a step further in making our design modular, more accurate and more importantly level adjustable. For this we use custom aluminum extrusions. We find that our internally cross braced profiles provide more rigidity, inertness and accuracy than welded steel tubes that tend to ring along.

Another point of note is our design itself. It is unique and does look different from the regular box frame and functions superbly as well.

Each stand may be used in a configuration with either 3 spikes or 4 – whatever the user may wish. The stands ship with special polymer pads for coupling the speaker with the stand

Stands below were custom made by me personally for a pair of Harbeth SHL5