B&W oem 800 Series Speaker stand

This is the perfect choice as a foundation for any high-performance compact loudspeaker, providing a high degree of resonance-damping and perfectly rigid construction. 

With its wing-shaped baseplate and streamlined dual cavity tapered aluminum columns, the BW 800 oem stand yields a modern appearance from any loudspeaker. But in contrast to many other design-oriented speaker stands, the stand was also engineered to improve the loudspeakers’ performance: The highly-rigid, low-mass aluminum columns are internally braced, while the top plates and base plates feature a non resonating cast iron construction with a special damping to eliminate resonance. The columns can also be filled with dry sand or any other suitable damping material for further damping and additional mass.

The loudspeaker cable can be neatly concealed, running directly through the base plate into the channel in the rear section of the column, and re-appearing just underneath the top plate. The openings are wide enough to allow all cable and connectors to go through. Loudspeakers may be positioned on the Stand top plate using either the included soft damping stickers or laid on directly. The lower base plate is also fitted with spikes, which are adjustable in order to achieve a perfect foundation on un-level floors.

This Stand allows your compact loudspeakers to perform at its highest level of sound quality.

  • OEM B&W design with patent design
  • Composite construction of Aluminium and Cast steel
  • Wire Mgt through rear columns
  • Sand fillable dual cavity centre Supports
  • Highly stable under heavy loads