These all time favorite budget speaker stands for medium to large bookshelves are manufactured from high-grade steel and feature Rigid Column Construction which ensures excellent torsional rigidity. Central column is fillable and damping within the column reduces ‘ringing’ and enhances sound. Base plate is a precision cut Tri point star with a high PCD for the spikes (10inches) which allows for superb stability. Adjustable CNC manufactured floor-spikes (now with ‘Improved’ Top-Adjust) allow you to easily level the stands while improving isolation and preventing flattening of carpet .The three point spike system makes this stand unique in a way that it allows for SELF leveling of the stand (no accurate level adjustment is required).

This is highly useful when the speaker stand is required to be moved and repositioned frequently for cleaning etc

Central column material choice depends on user and can either be black or A sublime stainless steel Finish

We offer Factory sand filling of this stand when the Stainless steel column is selected

This stand is Highly recommended for tall speakers that require shorter than normal speaker stands (i.e 18inch – 24inch) since dual and multipillared standstend look odd in shorter heights