This is a no compromise stand initially designed for personal use by the founder of Sound foundations which is now widely accepted (dare we say) as our signature series. It is a serious stand, designed to mate with a high performance speaker.

Weighing in at 100Lbs/pair unfilled (1 inch thick base optional version), the Prime uses twin sand-filled Steel shafts (3 inch square aluminium extrusions in case of prime S ) for optimum resonance control and unprecedented support. The large black Sand blasted base is lazer cut and is probably one of the heaviest Bases offering excellent stability and rigidity.

The Base shape and size are calculated for an extremely stable footprint and are almost child and maid -proof.(i.e Difficult to knock down)

Customers have an option to use either 3 or 4 CNC turned marine grade Stainless steel spikes (Our best spikes – IsoSpike 3 ) with top or bottom adjust. An additional feature available is “rake angle adjustment” (upto a 15 degree) for enthusiasts who wish to fire their speakers at a slight upward angle to lift their soundstage!

The heavy base coupled with the twin columns provide excellent vibration control and energy transfer that results in neutral tonal balance with excellent bass extension and superb imaging

The Prime S differs from the R only by way of the shape of central columns. Silicon gel Speaker pads are standard in both for acoustic coupling and resonance damping

Again since this is a serious audiophile stand we do not provide cable mgt unless requested.

The stand uses a mix of materials

Steel basplates provide rigidity and stability wheras the sqaure aluminium columns impart a neutral and  warm tone to the music

These stands can be ordered OPTIONALLY with factory filled quartz granules