Mogami 2804 Speaker Cable

The holy grail of speaker cables in our opinion

This mogami cable was initially sold only to oems and classified as a high end audiophile cable placed ABOVE it’s platinum level offerings
(The cable thickness will give you a hint as to which BIG  brand is rebadging and selling this cable for over 1000$)

Mogami themselves have openly admitted that they produce very small amounts of this cable each year due to the complicated process and the various difficulties they face for the manufacture of this particular cable. In fact they have gone on to say that the process is uneconomical.

Hence this cable is almost unobtainium (other than from a couple oems).Dealers lap up whatever small lots whenever they get their hands on them.
We have been on the wait list over 1 year to get our lot.

Here is what the founder Mr Koichi Hirabayash himself has to say about mogami’s top end offerings
Mogami 2803 and 2804 PDF here

We can write a whole lot about how highly resolving and organic this cable sounds
However we think a buyer who has done his research already knows what he is buying.

It’s suffice to say this is probably the best cable we have heard at this price and probably thrice over.

The thickness,construction and orientation of this cable makes termination difficult even for a decently skilled diyer.Hence we do not recommend buying this cable in un terminated lengths.Mogami has gone on to say that an incorrectly terminated cable would adversely affect its performance

For this reason we have only trusted factory termination using 24k gold bananas/ spades done with 4% silver in a controlled environment done by skilled professionals.

Stock cable is available in 2.5 metre pair length (8foot pair)

Mogami 3103 speaker cable

These High Definition Multi Series Professional Speaker Cables were originally designed to deliver maximum performance from state-of-the-art Tri-Amp Systems.
They offer true audiophile performance for accurate sound transmission with clear transparent response yet possess a rugged superflexibility for the most demanding professional applications.
Each conductor features many strands in rope-lay of famous MOGAMI ‘NEGLEX’ Oxygen-Free-Copper within colour-coded PVC insulation. A tough, low profile matte black superflexible PVC jacket protects the cables.

These platinum grade cables are available both in un terminated lengths and also factory terminated pairs in configurations using spade or banana connections.

We are using the Multi-Contact LS4 banana because of the excellent sonics and low mass. The rolled design of these connectors makes a tight fit in every binding post we have tried them in. Solder termination is done using a precision International MFR Cartridge System and Mundorf Silver solder.

Our spade connectors are applied using a high pressure die which creates a “gas tight” crimp connection. The wire is also given a generous treatment of DeoxIt Gold before the spade is pressed on to ensure the best contact and to inhibit corrosion.

Spade and banana connections are covered with adhesive lined Polyolefin shrinktube to offer strain relief and to help seal the connection point and conductor from the environment. Amplifier leads and Non-biwire speaker leads are also colour coded with shrinktube. We only use marker grade Crosslinked Polyolefin shrinktube in our cable construction.


  • No. of Conductors: 2
  • Conductor Details: 7/50/0.12 OFC NEGLEX – japan
  • Size: 3.96mm(2) (#12AWG)
  • Insulation Diameter : 4.5mm
  • PVC Jacket: Ov. Dia : 12.0 mm
  • Material: Flexible PVC, Matte

Unterminated lengths are offered on a per foot basis

Terminated cable is 2.5 metre pair with 24k gold factory terminated banana/spade

Mogami 2972/2921quad core speaker cable

The 4 core equivalent of the famed 3103 (albeit lower awg conductors) this cable is an excellent choice for biwire systems

Each conductor features many strands in rope-lay of famous MOGAMI ‘NEGLEX’ Oxygen-Free-Copper within colour-coded PVC insulation. A tough, low profile matte black superflexible PVC jacket protects the cables.


  • No. of Conductors: 4
  • Conductor Details: 7/30/0.12 OFC NEGLEX – japan
  • Size: 2.0mm(2) (#14AWG)
  • Insulation Diameter : 2.5mm
  • PVC Jacket: Ov. Dia : 12.0 mm
  • Material: Flexible PVC Matt

Mogami 3082 speaker cable

The Mogami Gold 3082 Speaker Cable is a high-definition coaxial speaker cable. It features extremely neutral tone and self shielding and is specifcally designed for amp to speaker cabinet connections

“I was stunned by how dramatically the coaxial 3082 speaker cable affected the sound of my NS-10Ms. I was using good wire before but the improvement the 3082 made was not subtle. The speakers sounded noticeably louder and the response more natural and extended. I had no idea speaker cable could be so significant. Thanks so much for a great solution and
a wonderful improvement on my monitoring!”

This standard speaker cable is designed to meet XLR audio connector cable clamp. Coaxial Design is used to provide as large a conductor size as possible, which results in the best performance

The cable is available in unterminated and terminated formats
However it is recommended that one buys the terminated cable since the cable is a coax and may not be easy to correctly terminate for beginners

The terminated cable comes factory terminated with 24 k gold plated bananas that are soldered in an oxygen controlled environment by mogami after sealing in a correct shrink tube with color coding


  • Large conductor size of 2.0mm (close to #14AWG) despite small OD of 6.5mm (0.256″). (Same conductor size for both internal and external (shield) conductors.)
  • Extremely low induction from outside and affection to outside.


  • Configuration
  • Part No.    W3082
  • Served Shield    Details    80/0.18 OFC (80×33AWG)
  • Size(mm²)    2.03mm² (Approx. #14AWG)
  • Jacket    Ov. Dia.(mm)    6.5±0.5Ø (0.256±0.0197″Ø)
  • Material    Flexible PVC
  • Color    Black