AV Home Theatre racks

We Stock and sell 3 models of AV home theatre racks.All our models ( The Mars,The Neptune and the Saturn) are directed to home theatre clientle who like a double width rack with the option of resting an LCD ( upto 50inches) on the top most shelf
The double width rack allows one to load two full size pieces of electronics side by side and hence a 3 shelf rack can ideally hold 6 pieces of electronics.A nift wire Mgt system at the rear helps you clear the clutter.
Shelves are tempered glass and will hold upto 40 kgs
Finished with exotic wood supports and accents these racks exude a touch of class and add value to any living room.
Racks are shipped in knock down form- however assembly is simple with aids provided
Please note that these racks cannot be customized and one is adviced to note the height between shelves and cross the equipment they plan to keep