Roller Blocks

Foundations Isoball Inspired from the RollerBlock

A one stop solution to isolating your bookshelves and electronics.

The Isoball lends a nice roundness and density to the bass and midrange. It generally leaves the top end intact, and does a little to add focus and improve microdetail.

Just as the cera ball this can simply be placed under your electronic equipment such as CDP’s,Pre amplifiers and Integrated Amps or can also be placed under your stand mount speakers offering another level of isolation.

Silicon,cork,and other polymer pads tend to sound muffed and slow,robbing the music from its detail and accuracy. The Isoball keeps both intact.

The isoball has 3 parts. An aluminium base cup, An Aluminium top cup and a Tungsten carbide ball. The combinations of these 3 composites work in harmony to produce the best results. Many hours of testing allowed us to fine tune the cup curvature and manner in which the ball locates inside the aluminum cup.

The foundations isoball comes with an isofelt inlay on the base

Suggested Uses: Below stand mount speakers, Pre-amplifiers and DAC’s