Power Cables & Distribution

After considerable amounts of trials , legwork and research, we are now confident of offering a line of power distribution products to fellow audiophiles that we are personally proud of.
We have tried to remain loyal to physics, trials and lastly our own ears rather than falling prey to marketing and ambiguous claims.

It is important to understand that the main criterion here is, supplying “clean” and efficient power to our electronics without having a smudging or clouding effect.

Here in India, we face a two pronged problem
First – since we are a price sensitive market there is no Indian manufacturer that produces good quality IECs or plugs. Most use steel and zinc alloys that are rhodium plated and some use brass contact points ( L&T Havells Northwest to name a few).There is no manufacturer that uses pure copper. Real Gold/Silver plating is only a dream.
(P.S This is the reason we were forced to use US plugs.)

The other issue we face is that of “dirty” power.
Most of our power mains come tapped from various stations, sub stations; fuse boxes etc having below par connectors with no RF or EMI control. This is a cause for concern. It is this “dirty” power that muddies the sound of a system

There is in fact NO power cable that can CLEAN that – however a good power cable will suppress that dirt without loosing efficiency. Stray magnetic fields, electromagnetic interference, signal and loop pickups all need to be taken care of.

This is achieved by correct weaving of the copper conductors and using particular grain geometries combined with excellent shielding.

Power cable – Barracuda PowerMax Elite

Guaranteed to produce smoother highs, fuller and fleshier mids and weightier bass this is our signature cable that uses a furutech base cable using pcoc copper conductors with a dual shield

The Soundfoundations Barracuda Elite mk2 is one of the first cables in the world that uses lead shielding and hence boasts almost zero emi/rfi.Lead is known to have the best EMI rejection properties.However International manufacturers are unable to use it since it is classified as a restricted item in most countries.This allowed us a unique advantage.
The lead shielded has proved to provide the lowest noise with the cleanest darkest background.

The cable is also equipped with a high quality copper shield. This heavy shield has two important functions

  • It keeps powerline noise from radiating outwards onto your close by equipment and interconnects.
  • It keeps external electromagnetic and radio frequency interference from entering the AC line

Keeping in mind the fact that a top base cable needs the best connectors to perform at the highest levels we have used the best quality 22k real gold plated copper plugs we could source from a reputable manufacturer in Japan.

Introduce the barracuda into your system chain and Experience improved clarity with a more expansive soundstage bringing out the best in your equipments presentation.

Cable Specs

  • Conductor: 15mm OD – 12 AWG / 2.5mm2 x 3  : 60/0.49mm (Specially Optimized Copper)
  • 3 layers EMI/RF shielding with vibration absorbing structure
  • Pure Copper Braided shield
  • Rated True 300V / 20A
  • CRYO -192 Degrees (48hrs)
  • Unique Patented Filler sheath
  • Standard length- 5 feet

Connector Specs

  • IEC+ US 3 pin plug
  • Voltage Rating:  true 15A /250V
  • Materiel: 99.99% OFC Furukawa Red – Copper – with 22k true gold plating
  • Dimensions:70mm body length x 35mm diameter x 69mm overall length
  • Nylon/fiberglass front body with polycarbonate shell
  • CRYO -192 Degrees (48hrs)

Power cable – Xls Pureline

The Pureline is an excellent place to start when considering upgrading your mains cables and we believe it can bring discernible improvements to any level of system – from a mini-system to high-end components

The Barracuda uses base cable from Russ Andrews using customized high purity oxygen free stranded copper conductors .The effective cross-section area of the blue Neutral and brown/Hot current leads (*2) each is 2.5mm² (~ AWG 12), yielding a very low series resistance

This cable is assembled cable using top grade OFC (6n Purity) cores with double PVC sheaths.The cable

also features a unique braided tin Sheild that is instrumental in rf emi rejection.

The pureline’s reasonable price tag means that you can upgrade more components which brings an even bigger improvement through their ‘cumulative’ effect – in fact, it’s better to upgrade more components with this level of cable than to upgrade one component with a much much more expensive models.


  • Extremely low loop current series resistance of 0.02ohms per meter
  • Gold plated iec and US 3 pin plug (optional uk plug)
  • Conductor: 14mm OD – 2.5mm2 x 3 cores  (6N purity 99.99%)
  • 2 layers EMI/RF shielding with vibration absorbing structure
  • Tin Braided shield
  • Rated True 230V / 12A

Power Cable – Truline Braid

The Truline follows a different path in power cable design.similar to the kimber philosophy this cable has no conventional Sheild however the very braided 12 core construction of the cable is instrumental in providing rf emi interference.

The cable is built from 12 cores of Teflon coated copper conductors each having a differnt gauge depending on the hot , neutral and earth leads .keeping in mind the fact that many users require only a 6amp Indian plug point , we have terminated this cable with a high quality hospital grade Indian 3 pin plug and a unique “lock on” iec connector

The cable is quick and dynamic providing excellent detail and tonal truthfulness.
We have after many trials found this cable to be very clean and providing a wholesome dark background with minimal to low noise. Highly recommended for Mid Fi equipment and a serious upgrade to your stock power cord

Indian 6 amp power plug with lock on iec
12 core Teflon coated braided construction
Cable length – 5 feet

Connector Specs
IEC – 3 Pin Brass lock on
Voltage Rating:  true 12A /230v

Barracuda Distribution Centre

Logically, AC power energy into your system ends up as the sound it produces. In practice, the quality of the power can have a huge effect on sound quality. Ever thought your system sounds better at night? This is because mains is affected (more so in the day) by household appliances, airconditioning, lighting, etc, all of which has an affect on sound. The solution is a dedicated power distribution block.

Using ordinary extension blocks available in shops can degrade the sound to a surprising extent. Replacing your extension with the Barracuda Universal Power Distribution Centre can improve the connection quality.The built in RFI emi fi filters coupled with adequate 15Amp surge protection make the Barracuda box a must have to protect and extract the most from your expensive hifi equipment.

The Barracuda guarantees a cleaner darker background with no hiss and its universal sockets give a tight fit to almost any 2 or 3 pin plug you can throw at it.


  • Internal wiring from Lapp(Germany)- fully point to point wiring using 3mm square OFC
  • The only distribution box featuring pure OCC copper contacts from schneider GERMANY
  • 20A surge protection unit
  • Robust Hospital grade EMI RFI filter
  • US, Euro, UK, Indian, Singapore(independent tight fit for each unlike any modular sockets available)
  • Elcom/Neutrik (SWISS) Power con IEC
  • Pure copper lugs from Mennekans (Germany)
  • 6 Sockets – German – Copper based 16Amp rated – the only copper based international socket
  • Custome Made acoustically neutral Pine case with internal damping and melamine polish