This is a custom design that was done for a demanding fellow audiophile. It is based on an industrial loading concept and designed to handle high loads. A stand out feature is the low height (26”) of the rack though it is made to accommodate 6 pieces of equipment (ranging from 2U to 5U in height) PLUS a turntable on the topmost shelf (or alternatively even a television.) The low height is ideal in setups where a projector screen or a large screen LCD is to be mounted on the rear wall (keep in mind LCDs are recommended to be mounted 26-30 inches off the floor).

Yet another feature is the open design of the rack that allows us to go “shelfless”.

The centre to centre distance between the front and rear pillars is 10″ inches.This allows us to place most equipment directly onto the horizontal supports thus omitting the entire shelf itself. Many audiophiles believe this shelfless system like the on the well received “spider rack” and theta rack offers absolute inertness lending no unwanted signatures or colorations to the music.

Alternatively equipment may also be placed on aluminum or wooden struts as seen as seen in image 2. For the traditionalists a shelf may be placed onto the struts over which you may place your electronics (See image 3).

There are a couple options for height adjustment, but these can be customized. The rack is fabricated and milled from SOLID aluminum billet with the load bearing T columns being a massive 2.6 inches in diameter. Bottom most shelves can virtually take unlimited loads.

You could probably park a small car on them and they wouldn’t even break a sweat. Other shelves will take equipment each weighing upto 65kgs.No hollows anywhere in the rack means it’s absolutely ring free and the high mass and sheer weight of the rack are other obvious plus points.

Isolating CNC tuned stainless steel spikes are offered with the rack.

Note: Rack is very easy to assemble but will require two persons only due to the massive weight of each member.