Foundations TT centre weight

The SoundFoundations TT centre weights are entirely custom made and must be preordered. Our standard weight is 80mm in diameter. We are pretty sure these weights need no introduction for Vinyl heads. Most consider these an indispensible tool to get the best out of warped records.

In addition to removing ticks and hisses from warped records due to the jumping stylus the weights are known to add definition and authority to the music. A more stable and deeper soundstage is a given result.
Our custom designs include CNC work with Aluminium, Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel. We have noticed each material having its own unique sound signature.

Please check what weight is recommended for your TT before buying/ordering

Generally we recommend that the centre weight be used in conjunction with the Universal stabilizing Ring.
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CopperHead (1.4-1.5kg) Centre weight

Being our flagship centre weight this is truly a work of art. The Copperhead provides the most superior resolution, articulation and control of high frequencies. It delivers a mass damping which is the quietest of all centre weights with pin point sound staging and life like vocal delivery coupled with a deep, tight low frequency impact.

It delivers the highest db from all our other weights.

The Foundations Copperhead is a 99.8% pure centre weight that is CNC turned from a virgin billet. It is hand buffed and lacquered for a beautiful, timeless and classic finish. The durable non oxidizing coating maintains the natural beautiful look of copper making sure the beautiful centre piece maintains the fresh look always.

The base is machined with a concave radii which 3.5mm deep , leaving a 6 mm step from the outer edge.This allows for perfect seating around the record label.

The bore for spindle is 7.25mm and in machined to 0.001” concentricity with the outer diameter of the weight to ensure perfect rotation

The weight is contour machined to clear most large cartridges and is recommended for robust TTs

1. Non ferrous,non magnetic
2. Recommended for VPI
3. 87mm in diameter and 38mm tall
4. Universal fit with quicker transients and frequency response
5. Clean high register and improved dynamics

AluminaHead ( RegaProject weight) – 350-400gms

Recommended for Project Debut series,Rega and thorens this weight is an ideal damper for light suspended tables.
Diameter is 80mm and height will vary from 1.5- 2 inch depending on contour design.The weight is designed with a low centre of gravity and large flat base.The top end is knurled for grip and the large flat base provides excellent coupling with the record

BrassHead ( Mid weight TTs) – 1kg

The brass centre weight is our signature weight (the original one used to have a bubble gauge in the centre) which is reccomendedfor most medium duty TT’s.It features a radii on the top face which provides superb resonance management. The weight offers cleaner articulation of high frequencies with an improved bass response.Pic shows a brass weight that has been coated with a Silver laquer however all our current offerings feature the natural brass gold look. The underside has a 3mm instep and features 4 bores (dia 12mm) that are 12mm deep.The bores increase surface area which improve resonance mgt and dissipate energy from the record